Interaction Homework 1

Ann Dwyer

Core Studio: Interaction

Parsons The New School for Design

Homework No. 1

2. Tumblr is an online blogging website, where users can collect and spread pieces of information in the form of text, image, and video. Users can follow each other to receive each other’s information on their dashboards every time they log into Tumblr.

Tumblr is for those who want to collect and keep pieces of information that matter to them in a specific place online and to share that information with the digital community.

Tumblr was founded by a web developer named David Karp. Tumblr was made and continues to be worked on by a team of designers, programmers, and writers.

When you sign up for Tumblr, you are required to give your email address as well as to create a Tumblr username and password. Once you log into Tumblr, you are required to follow five blogs and to verify your email address by clicking a link from Tumblr in your email. Like most websites, Tumblr requires you to agree to a series of legal terms and services. You are also highly encouraged to give your own personal blog a name and description. Giving an email address when you sign up and then having to verify it ensures that you are a real person. Having a username gives you a digital identity and presence on Tumblr, while having a password ensures security of your personal account. Agreeing to terms and services is a safety net for Tumblr to ensure that it is difficult for the user to take legal action against the site.

3. I signed up for Pinterest and Flickr. Pinterest required me to give my first and last name, email address, country, and to create a password. Initially, I thought Pinterest required me to specify if I were male or female, but upon closer inspection, Pinterest allows you to leave this blank. Pinterest gave me the opportunity to allow the site to “personalize my experience” by collecting data from other sites I visit and altering my Pinterest content respectively. Like Tumblr, it also required me to agree to a list of legal terms and services. Once you log in, Pinterest gives you a brief tour of its features, showing you how to explore a topic of interest, zoom in on a Pin, and rePin it to your first Pinterest board. Lastly, Pinterest required me to verify my email as well.

Flickr is owned by Yahoo, so in order to sign up for Flickr, I had to create a Yahoo ID. I was required to provide my first and last name, mobile phone number, country, gender, and date of birth. I was also required to create a username with Yahoo. I was encouraged to give an optional second phone number and to indicate my relationship to this phone number. Flickr highly encouraged me to connect my Facebook to it once I logged in, assuring me that “Flickr is better with friends” but I declined. Even after I had logged on, Flickr continuously urged me to connect it to my Facebook because it would apparently make the experience “more fun.”